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COVID-19 :

Experts-Mac is actively involved and supports you in managing the Coronavirus crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic that is actually shaking the world is second to none.

No specialist from any trade can comment on this day, nor on the extent of the damage that this pandemic will have on the human level than economic, nor over the time that the crisis will last. In our opinion, it will be necessary to count weeks or even months of disruption.

Each government tries in its own way and according to the scale of the events on its territory to contain the phenomenon by instructions and information releases on the measures taken to be followed through. Thus, several measures directly impacting our lifestyle, both personal and collective, have been taken: business closings, lock downs, social distancing, limitation of gatherings, closing of borders ... etc.

In this context of uncertainty, Experts-Mac Management stands alongside its collaborators and customers for a combined effort, in order to cross this shadow zone. Now is time more than ever to stay informed from the right source, to take the right actions, to contribute of developing a solidarity chain which is gradually being put in place.

Internally below are some basic measures that we are implementing

If you are returning from abroad, if you have flu symptoms or have been diagnosed with Covid-19, do not come to the office;If you have received a family member or acquaintance at home from abroad, it should be reported and action taken immediately;We will be installing additional hand cleaning access points in our offices;Limit the exchange of physical objects and documents, make use of our internal networking system and emails;Physical interaction with employees' computers are prohibited until further notice;Interactions and meetings that are not essential at clients' sites are prohibited, except for exceptional cases;Wash your hands regularly with soap and water.

Externally, our offices will remain open (for the time being). We are continuing our work in compliance with the above internal measures, plus the following additional provisions:

Limit your movements and avoid very close human contacts: avoid kisses, hugs ..Give priority to sending documents by email: we have subscribed to"E-TRANSFER" mediums to manage large documents;For cases where the exchange of physical documents remains essential, we will set up "Doc-Reception Box", to be disinfected frequently, in which customers will deposit the documents, and which we will collect within 24 hours. We have been made to understand that the Covid-19 does not survive more than 24 hours on average in the open air;We have created a dedicated COVID-19 Information Page on our website to deliver, for each country where we are located, official information that affects our work, on the situation of Covid-19;For all customer questions, a new email address has been created to receive their questions and interact more quickly:

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