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Expatriates - Payroll & Interim services

Our assistance on Payroll

Payroll Legislation is very scalable. Do not be surprised by the recent changes in taxation or social Security.

Our added value in the social and HRM is several levels:

Your social and security returns

◾Salaries and Payroll

Do as companies we deal payroll for over 500 employees per month in Chad, Congo and Cameroon. This includes: management of working time, recruitment and testing, leave and departures.

Your expats staffs, is our business

Entrust the support spots

◾Expatriation and management staff moved

Let us help you in confidence and discretion for your expatriates and personnel or consultants moved:

• Employment authorization and administrative procedures for hiring and residence abroad,

• Employment contracts, simulations and studies,

• Calculation of payroll, tax and social formalities

• Check-out: full and final settlement, formalities and procedures before the work inspection ...

Interim and security service

◾outsourcing of specialized staff and interim management

We offer you the staff of all levels for specific and strategic positions, or to manage exceptional situations (annual leave or maternity, illness, exceptional activity ...).

◾Safety and riggers services

Experts-Mac has developed expertise for placement of riggers (for the GSM infrastructure), we train our riggers on safety standards imported from Canada.

See our Certification.

This service is offered with asset management and Facilities management services.

Miscellaneous advice on social and personal matters:

◾Assistance recruitment: defining requirements, conducting interviews, validation of skills and competencies.

Legal ◾Gestion: Dismissal, resignation, excluding litigation disputes.

◾Audit Payroll, social audit, GPEC.

Economic and Social ◾Bilan ...

Keys of Our success

Quality, add-value, proactivity of teams...


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